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Connect – the dots?


I just noticed these additions to the ticket machines – the new Connect ePasses will be available this summer.

OK – ranting time!
– “Approach card”??? Sounds like a Customs officer pulling you through a scanner… If they mean “Place your card here”, why don’t they SAY SO?!?

– Disposable cards will be monthly, like current monthly passes.
– Reloadable cards are going to have an extra fee charged on them.

They’re adding an electronic element to the mix – non-recyclable, I’ll wager – and they don’t think to put in an INCENTIVE, like a small discount, on the waste-saving, more environmentally-conscious reloadable cards???

-and, of course, the reloadables can only be loaded online or at the 7th Ave Transit office (or City Hall), but not at merchants.
What happens when Shaw or Telus have service disruption & you can’t load it the last night of the month & have to travel the next morning? “I’m sorry, Officer but Shaw service sucks!” isn’t likely to cut it…

What do YOU think?
Connect – good idea, bad execution?

CT info on the cards here –


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Real What? …take 3

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So the real-time information system on train platforms is down… sort of.

For the past day, only the time/date has shown – no train destination, no warnings, nothing else. Yet the clock works…

Are these tied into the trains themselves?
Yesterday as I waited for my ride south from downtown I saw my first Crowfoot train (going south!) since the new boards were put in place.

Does a display board malfunction now &$@k up all the train computers? There was no voice calling out stops yesterday, either, so I’m guessing they are related.

Yet again, does NOBODY at Calgary Transit take any responsibility for these screw-ups???

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Daylight Savings Creates More Hours!

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Checking CT’s website today, they list some service schedule changes for March…
Some of the interesting ones:
– Last trip north from Somerset @ 24:19

What’s worse than a 24-hour clock with more than 24 hours in it?

…a clock with more than 25 hours in it!
– Last trip south from Crowfoot @ 25:14

Cripes!!! Where do these planners come from?!?!?!?

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Schedule, Schmedule!


So I get to Somerset 15 minutes early today and just during the time it takes me to park, 3 trains take off in quick succession over 5 minutes… each with less than half the seats occupied.
It’s nearly 10 minutes later before the next train goes, standing room only.

Those 3 trains will populate the core for 7:15, not 7:30 – when will Transit stop WASTING resources and start figuring out how to schedule things as they’re NEEDED?!?

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Real What? …take 2

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The “RealTime information” boards on train platforms I referenced July 4, have proven to be another example of wasted money.

They show NOTHING but the time!!
Even the previous boards – which were also expensive wastes, and which were dropped after just about 2 years – showed the “next train”…
Problem with that was the fact that they showed the next train once the CURRENT train stopped at the platform.
Someone arriving from the back or side of the platform had no way of telling where the current** train was headed.
**This only refers to downtown core platforms, of course…

The new displays offer the time only, while any “information” is either read aloud or played from tape, over loudspeakers.
The biggest problem there, is that all too often, there’s traffic noise drowning out the speakers!
…and this is for another day…

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My Kingdom For a… Dictionary?

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It’s amazing to me that the sign-makers constantly misspell names that are well-known and documented, especially within their own organization…
Somerset has only one ‘m’, FYI…


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Trains half-full or half-empty: a Question of Worldview

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How can CT justify back-to-back McKnight trains through afternoon rush hour?
One train is 1/2 full, the next is 1/4 full… but Somerset trains are almost always FULL!
Whose bright idea is it to send these almost-empty trains around, when the busy routes are always crying for anything even APPROACHING decent service levels?!?

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Sponsored C-Trains?!? WTF???

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So CT is thinking about having corporate sponsors naming C-Train stations in order to pay for ‘other services’.

For example, “Suncor Southland Station” as suggested in today’s Metro paper.

They can’t get enough advertisers to pay minimal dollars to put ads filling the trains & buses; they keep screwing up their advertising by promoting date-specific events after the fact – and posting self-defeating ads, too (the Southland bus shelter ads which told people to “Get Off the Bus” & buy a car, for example. Six months before CT noticed!), and not getting their heads out of their asses to fix the “Olympic Plaza” and “City Hall” destination signals in the automated messages on the trains… this is electronic display (or computer) PROGRAMMING – it should be done in SECONDS, shouldn’t take MONTHS!

Who’s going to pay serious money to put their name on a Station with a sloppy, second-rate transit authority managing them?

“PlentyOfSyph City Hall”… that’s one I’d take up a collection to support!!!

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Closed? Now What?!?

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Actually, not so much; this IS Calgary Transit!!!

Eastbound train at Centre Street leaves station; approaches City Hall Station.
Announcement by driver: “Just a reminder; City Hall is closed.”
-What good is it telling us, AFTER leaving the previous station, giving no option but to go TWO stops further and one back, instead of just letting us walk 2 blocks??!??

Dammit, the drivers AND the planners are giving me no reason not to call them idiots…

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What Plaza?!?

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7:20 approaching the core on the train, and Olympic Plaza is on the board as the next stop – despite being permanently closed… AND no longer physically there!!



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