Calgary Transit Sucks!

A breath of fresh air… | 09/05/2012

Oddly, moments after my last post was drafted, I saw a glimpse of humanity in CT!

Leaving 39th Ave southbound, the driver announced the wheelchair ramp restrictions at Heritage, and the bus alternative at Chinook.
What’s so odd about this simple task?

1) The intercom could be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD
2) The information was succinct and clearly stated
3) …and here’s the kicker…
He gave this info BEFORE we left Chinook – even before we ARRIVED at Chinook… so those who needed to change to the bus… COULD!!!

All of these have been lacking on just about every trip I’ve made this summer.

Hallelujah – there is at least ONE working brain at the controls of these 42-tonne monsters…

CT does NOT suck so much…

For reference, one end car was #2255.
I can send Transit an email to thank him, they can find who had the car this afternoon


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