Calgary Transit Sucks!

Calgary Transit Beta Trip Planner

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Calgary Transit Beta Trip Planner

So to go from City Hall Station, 4 blocks to my office, I should GO TO THE AIRPORT AND BACK!?!?


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My comment on this City blog is sufficient…

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Where U Headed?

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It’s bugged me since they started it – announcements of the approaching train’s destination.

After (6 months+?) they still haven’t figured it out – most stations have a 1-way route and don’t need the announcement, and dual-stations are getting both directions of train, announced on both sides, causing confusion when trains are arriving simultaneously!

This is Stampede Week, and the city is full of tourists who don’t really know which direction they need to go…

Was this forced confusion part of CT’s plan?
Likely so, as they’ve never done anything sensible…
The ONLY place we could use these announcements, is in the 7th Ave zone, to distinguish northbound trains from southbound ones – that’s it!!! Nowhere else!!!!!

But even that wouldn’t help those who come onto the platform from a downtown shop and can’t see the train’s destination board… the fancy signs don’t tell us where THIS train is going – only where the NEXT one will be headed!

This is one of the ONLY things we needed when they installed the fancy digital signboards – but they still haven’t figured that our, 2 years later!

God almighty, does Calgary Transit EVER suck!!!!

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It’s hot, so let’s turn up the heat!

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It’s 16 Celsius this morning – to go to 30 this afternoon.
So why does Calgary Transit choose these hot days to turn on the base heaters in the old C-Trains?

It always happens – someone’s wearing shorts and realises, often too late, that it’s not just warm metal from the sun, but they’re actually ON – and they almost burn their leg.

What is it about these trains that makes the heating necessary when it’s least needed?

CT Sucks!

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