Calgary Transit Sucks!

Connect – the dots?


I just noticed these additions to the ticket machines – the new Connect ePasses will be available this summer.

OK – ranting time!
– “Approach card”??? Sounds like a Customs officer pulling you through a scanner… If they mean “Place your card here”, why don’t they SAY SO?!?

– Disposable cards will be monthly, like current monthly passes.
– Reloadable cards are going to have an extra fee charged on them.

They’re adding an electronic element to the mix – non-recyclable, I’ll wager – and they don’t think to put in an INCENTIVE, like a small discount, on the waste-saving, more environmentally-conscious reloadable cards???

-and, of course, the reloadables can only be loaded online or at the 7th Ave Transit office (or City Hall), but not at merchants.
What happens when Shaw or Telus have service disruption & you can’t load it the last night of the month & have to travel the next morning? “I’m sorry, Officer but Shaw service sucks!” isn’t likely to cut it…

What do YOU think?
Connect – good idea, bad execution?

CT info on the cards here –


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