Calgary Transit Sucks!

Schedule, Schmedule! | 09/29/2011

So I get to Somerset 15 minutes early today and just during the time it takes me to park, 3 trains take off in quick succession over 5 minutes… each with less than half the seats occupied.
It’s nearly 10 minutes later before the next train goes, standing room only.

Those 3 trains will populate the core for 7:15, not 7:30 – when will Transit stop WASTING resources and start figuring out how to schedule things as they’re NEEDED?!?


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  1. instead of complaining, why not be at the platform at the scheduled time so that you can catch the train that gets downtown 7:15? Trains are scheduled to leave every 2-3 min at that time. Trains are full by the time they get to Anderson or Chinook at around that time even if only some people get on at Somerset. At 7:30, there is an empty train that comes out of the Anderson Garage to Anderson Station because there is a jam-packed platform at Anderson with people who otherwise would not be able to get on the train if they waited for one of the ones from Somerset. The reason for 10 min wait is to manage the train traffic. Do us all a favor and read the pocket schedule or check the website for the 201 train schedule for that time of day. its all there.

    Comment by train driver — 02/02/2013 @ 11:07 pm

    • First; I believe you ARE a train driver… only because like so much of what CT does, it took 16 months to act on this post!

      Second: “Why not be at the platform at the scheduled time”????? You’re actually suggesting that the public adapt to CT’s schedule, rather than CT planning their logistics to suit what the public needs?

      Holy Hell!!! That’s precisely the mentality that has caused the clusterf*** of an organization that CT is today!

      You don’t see how multiple, half-empty trains is a waste… and then claim that delays of the following ones are there to manage the remaining traffic? WTF? Why don’t you simply send them out every 3-4 minutes to spread them out, and allow EVERYONE on the platforms, a chance to get on, rather than those suckers at Anderson waiting a train or two, or even three, for the next ones with room? Why not PLAN on giving trains that likely have room by setting the timing better?

      This is evidence that CT planners don’t use the system themselves.

      I’ve lived in many cities – small, big & enormous – and Calgary is the only one with such a carefree attitude towards NOT supplying efficiency to its customers.

      “read the pocket schedule” – ?? I suppose this is something that can be found at the 7th Avenue office? Why the hell aren’t they in the trains, where they need to be so people know about them?

      Comment by David_R — 02/03/2013 @ 4:45 am

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