Calgary Transit Sucks!

Sponsored C-Trains?!? WTF???

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So CT is thinking about having corporate sponsors naming C-Train stations in order to pay for ‘other services’.

For example, “Suncor Southland Station” as suggested in today’s Metro paper.

They can’t get enough advertisers to pay minimal dollars to put ads filling the trains & buses; they keep screwing up their advertising by promoting date-specific events after the fact – and posting self-defeating ads, too (the Southland bus shelter ads which told people to “Get Off the Bus” & buy a car, for example. Six months before CT noticed!), and not getting their heads out of their asses to fix the “Olympic Plaza” and “City Hall” destination signals in the automated messages on the trains… this is electronic display (or computer) PROGRAMMING – it should be done in SECONDS, shouldn’t take MONTHS!

Who’s going to pay serious money to put their name on a Station with a sloppy, second-rate transit authority managing them?

“PlentyOfSyph City Hall”… that’s one I’d take up a collection to support!!!


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Closed? Now What?!?

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Actually, not so much; this IS Calgary Transit!!!

Eastbound train at Centre Street leaves station; approaches City Hall Station.
Announcement by driver: “Just a reminder; City Hall is closed.”
-What good is it telling us, AFTER leaving the previous station, giving no option but to go TWO stops further and one back, instead of just letting us walk 2 blocks??!??

Dammit, the drivers AND the planners are giving me no reason not to call them idiots…

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What Plaza?!?

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7:20 approaching the core on the train, and Olympic Plaza is on the board as the next stop – despite being permanently closed… AND no longer physically there!!



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