Calgary Transit Sucks!

Smart Pass; Dumb Name! | 07/07/2011

I saw an ad on the train yesterday about a “competition” to name the new Transit e-pass…

A very brief submission period (guess what? Yup! Past now, so pointless to keep promoting it), followed by a VERY brief voting period (48 hrs only).
AND – they’ve “narrowed” the field down from 5,000 to just 3 (why are we voting if we can only choose from less than 0.1% ?)

The contenders?

Nothing with the C of C-Train?
Can’t blame these 3 on Transit, as they’re rider-submitted, but really???
No C-Rider or C-Trek ?

Whichever they choose, like all else CT, it’ll suck… but I hope it’s Connect, as that at least has some etymological grounding to relate to movement…


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