Calgary Transit Sucks!

Just shocking…

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Fixed? I’m not holding my breath…


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Due to circumstances beyond our control…

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…there’s no Train service 39th to Anderson…
After my pub trivia night got cancelled due to someone not getting the questions in time…
And after my choosing today to decide to not drive downtown for the trivia…
I’m stuck on one of 3 shuttle buses…
Not CT’s fault (maybe!)

Any sense trying to have one for Chinook, one for Heritage/Southland And one for direct-to-Anderson – which would just about equally distribute the passengers and slice our travel time???

HELL NO!!! This is Calgary Transit!!
Now in a convoy of 3 buses making all the same stops!

F$):$37!!!!!!!! Who’s in charge here?!?

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Connect – What? …the dots?

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Apparently, Calgary Transit has announced the “winner” of the Name the Card electronic pass contest – per the radio this morning, it’s “Connect”.

But… do you think they’d announce it on their website also???
Of course not!! It still says simply “Winners will be announced after July 8.”

Both the name selection AND the fact they chose the busiest week of their year to scramble this together. Guaranteed if I called & asked why it wasn’t on the website, they’d say “we’re busy with Stampede”…

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To advertise or not to advertise… Why is there even a question?

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No ads on the platform at City Hall West station – biggest traffic/exposure week of the year with Calgarians and tourists alike, but nope…

Transit can’t think ahead enough to even move just the 3 billboard signs over from the now-closed Olympic Plaza station… are they still charging the advertisers? I’ll bet they are…
True, they are a slightly different size, but to have ZERO ads?

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City Hall – or not City Hall…

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At City Hall East station; conductor just called out that it was open (bravo for him!) but both the electronic voice AND the electronic signboards on these new train cars, report Victoria Park/Stampede as the next stop!

Fancy, EXPENSIVE machines that either can’t be easily programmed – or more likely – another example of Transit NOT doing anywhere near a decent job of preparing for their own plans!

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Not so Olympic, Part 2

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UPDATE JULY 11, to July 6 Olympic Plaza item:

As I expected, even after 4 days of closure, train maps aren’t updated with Olympic Plaza being closed, and tourists are now confused & pissed off after being forced to miss their stop.

God knows why drivers aren’t instructed to TELL THE PASSENGERS each time they run through the core…

They often do for a couple of days, but during Stampede, with ten TIMES the number of non-regular riders…

…no, that can’t work here, because it:
-makes sense
-suggests planning
-would be helpful

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Feelin’ Hot! Hot! Hot!

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So yesterday on my train home, I noticed in the 27-degree heat that the train seemed unusually warm.

Once I got a seat I discovered that yes, it’s not my imagination…
They turn the heaters on during some very hot days!
I still don’t know why, but it is true.

I can only imagine it’s the Planning Dept’s work calendar that runs the heaters – they PLAN to be finished a job sometime, but it drags on for months longer; so, too, they must PLAN to have the heaters turn off in April, but they don’t shut down until November!

And, yes, it makes sense – as I have also been in heatless iceboxes in February where sharing body heat is the only way to survive the commute.

I just don’t see how Transit can benefit from this particular bit of ignorance…

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Smart Pass; Dumb Name!

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I saw an ad on the train yesterday about a “competition” to name the new Transit e-pass…

A very brief submission period (guess what? Yup! Past now, so pointless to keep promoting it), followed by a VERY brief voting period (48 hrs only).
AND – they’ve “narrowed” the field down from 5,000 to just 3 (why are we voting if we can only choose from less than 0.1% ?)

The contenders?

Nothing with the C of C-Train?
Can’t blame these 3 on Transit, as they’re rider-submitted, but really???
No C-Rider or C-Trek ?

Whichever they choose, like all else CT, it’ll suck… but I hope it’s Connect, as that at least has some etymological grounding to relate to movement…

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Not so Olympic, this City Hall…

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So City Hall C-Train Station (westbound) opened today in time for Stampede, but the eastbound side will open for it temporarily, then close for a few weeks to finish construction.

After a year, they need “a couple more weeks”… WHERE IS THE PLANNING IN THIS BURG????

AND – they closed Olympic Plaza Station today – permanently!
Why not keep it open for just 2 more weeks to avoid visitor confusion?
Friends, tourism sites, hotels, guidebooks – all say “get off at Olympic Plaza Station” and now, you can’t!

What the hell is wrong with Transit’s Planning department?!?

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Blunders in Advertising

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Excited to go to the Titanic exhibit at the Telus World of Science!!

C-Train ad for it is the first I’ve seen on the train – today!! – without any dates on it – such as “until June 27” – when the exhibition – and the Centre – closed.
Amazing coincidence that the Centre’s website still advertises the show’s “final week”.

I guess I can see the Science Centre having time warps around it… 😉
But the people at Transit dealing with advertising are just stupid & careless.

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