Calgary Transit Sucks!

Canada Day

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Transit is shutting off the downtown trains this Long Weekend, as they have to get City Hall Station ready for Stampede…

This is the SECOND busiest weekend of the year in the core, with Prince’s Island and Olympic Plaza activities that require transit to get to since parking is impossible at either location!!!

Ummm… Hello, Transit?!? Olympic Plaza IS City Hall Station; Stampede is NOT – you had stations closed the last few Stampedes, so why worry about one thus year?

More to the point; how did you JUST NOW figure you were behind schedule, a week before the event, instead of planning months in advance for the thousands of people going to the Plaza tomorrow night?


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Get Off the Bus!!

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Good God…
Apparently, Calgary Transit just noticed a 6-month-old ad on THEIR bus bench(es) at Southland Station, promoting a local car dealer.
The “Get Off the Bus” ads are now to be pulled…
Who’s rubber-stamping the decisions at Transit HQ?!?

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Ghosts in the Machine Got Busted?

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July 15 – ghosts are back; door is still opening when a train moves…

Original post:
Looks like SOMEONE at Calgary Transit must be reading this blog – I noticed a few days ago the phantom-opening door at Erlton Station is now fixed.

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Ghosts in the Machine?

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Why has NOBODY on CT staff noticed that, for AT LEAST 4 YEARS, the middle, automatic door at the north end of Erlton/Stampede Station, is triggered open by the northbound train leaving, and not just passengers approaching it?

Why can’t they fix the sensor?

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