Calgary Transit Sucks!

“There is a 10 minute delay” – So What Else is New?”

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Arrived on the platform at 3rd St. southbound about 4:15 today, and stood for 10 minutes with 7th Ave. traffic – trains, buses & more – stopped cold.

Announcement comes over the speakers: “Attention Calgary Transit passengers – we are experiencing a 10-minute delay on the southbound line from downtown.”

Then, as people begin to shift off the platform to look for bus or taxi alternatives, NATURALLY, everything starts moving again.

Why in God’s (or anyone Else’s) name, would Transit Central feel it’s necessary to tell us that there is a delay, AFTER the delay is resolved?!?

This happens all the time… “we have a 20-minute delay” I hear, as I arrive at the station – but the trains are moving fine so far as I can see. Well, they WERE delayed 20 minutes… fine…

But I don’t care – and I’m sure none of the thousands of affected passengers don’t care either – if Joe Driver is gonna miss his wifey at the end of the line waiting to pick him up (sure as heck he ain’t gonna be taking the bus home!!)…

C.T. – NOBODY CARES about a delay once it’s over!!!!


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Destination Unknown: The Sequel

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Once more, the train’s inside destination board (this time southbound to Somerset) is showing the wrong thing (Crowfoot).
Don’t the drivers know how to read?!?

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Destination: Unknown

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This morning’s CTrain is showing “Next Stop – Shawnessy” all the way today; driver calling out stops.
AGAIN(!!!!) the new electronic in-car destination boards fail!!

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