Calgary Transit Sucks!

Trip (un)Planner! | 01/23/2010

I was just checking how to get from (here) to (there) next week, using the Trip Planner on the CT site.

Whaddya know?  No service at the time I requested in the area… OK, I can accept that – it’s a Sat. night in an industrial area, so I understand if there’s no bus service in the immediate surrounding area.

But I get this response:

Trip Planner Failure

Trip Planner Failure

It can’t actually TELL me what’s wrong with my request – just a bunch of possible answers.

I like the ‘unreasonable number of transfers’ bit – so… what?  If the ONLY Transit service there requires 6 transfers, I’m gonna be told to bugger off & walk instead?  They don’t WANT my business???

And so what if the closest bus is more than half-a-kilometre away?  If that’s my ONLY option, why eliminate it for me???  Again, they don’t want my business???

And it can take 3 hours to get from (for example) the airport to my Bridlewood condo on a Sunday night, so to be told it wouldn’t work and they just don’t want to give me the info, really isn’t a good answer.

The problems with the Trip Planner don’t end there… hardly!!

How about completely ignoring the C-Train Station that my bus stops at first (Somerset), before telling me I should continue that bus around the neighbourhood to Shawnessy Station – a good 10 minutes longer than hopping out at Somerset.  And that’s not the only time I’ve seen a C-Train Station ignored by the Planner…

It wouldn’t even bother me if it would accept an address properly… but nope!  It asks for NO unit #s, NO Street references (Street, Avenue, Road, etc.) and NO directionals (NE, SW, etc.).  Then, of course, it happily pops up every possible answer for “1305 33” instead of accepting my input of “1305 33 St NE” directly.  Why waste the system resources searching for ALL potential inputs, instead of accepting the correct input the first time?  If the customer makes a mistake inputting, it’s their problem – but the system should catch it.

And – God forbid they tie in a Postal Code lookup to allow EXACT, CORRECT, DEFINITIVE inputs & eliminate the whole searching process…

Yup, I guess… CT Sucks!


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