Calgary Transit Sucks!

Another station delay… | 01/13/2010

As I stand now on the platform at Centre street, an announcement comes over the intercom about an earlier emergency and 20-minute delays.

Yet a train arrives – why, I ask myself?
Because CT figures we care what their schedule is, as if they could ever keep to it anyway(!).
So they lead us to believe that we have to wait 20 minutes for the next train.

This is unique to Calgary Transit – no other place have I heard such a misleading announcement.

AND – the announcer said that because there was a problem at Erlton-Stampede Station, the trains would be running both directions from one side, and to listen to the driver’s announcement about which way he was going!    Well, I’ve had multiple trips messed up down there by the driver NOT announcing the direction he was going!

<EDIT> A friend notes that she was told (by the announcement at Centre St. just before I was there) that shuttle buses were available at Erlton-Stampede – yet when she got there, there was exactly 1 bus, a crowd big enough to fill half-a-dozen buses, and she had to finally find a taxi because there was obviously no more buses assigned to the temporary route!<EDIT>

Yes… CT Sucks!


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