Calgary Transit Sucks!

Monthly Transit Pass | 01/04/2010

I bought my January Transit pass today… and groaned to myself at just how stupid CT can be – they NEVER learn, and complaints go to into a black hole – so here’s my first (of many!) blog entries.

$85.25 is the new price, up from $83.00 – the rise isn’t a problem – it’s a measly 2.7%.

The PROBLEM is the $0.25 on the new price – I mean, how practical is it to set a nice round number like $85.00 – where change from $100.00 can be 2 or 3 nice crisp pieces of paper?  Very practical, that’s how practical it is…

But nope – this is Calgary, and CT Sucks!

Adding the 25 cents means more change to carry around (minimum is 2 heavy twonies plus 3 quarters) if you’re paying cash from bills – not everybody carries small change with them.

What are they thinking?  That everybody uses credit or debit cards today? Many do, yes – but this is just plain STUPID!

Another thing…

They have failed to record the sale price on the pass itself.  This has happened a couple of times in the last few years.

For those who don’t know, there is a federal tax credit of 15% for monthly transit pass users in Canada; 15% of your transit pass costs can be deducted from your taxes – so it’s worth ($85.25 for 2010 X 12 X 15% =) $153.45 off your taxes.  See here for more.

This was introduced in July 2006.

But when the value is not printed on the pass itself, one needs to OBTAIN, and KEEP, the receipt, in case the feds audit you later.  If it’s printed on the pass, then you have the backup paperwork for its value.

Wanna save paper & save the planet?  Not in Calgary…

Who APPROVES these things?!?

And another thing…

Although this isn’t a functional issue, it’s an aesthetic one:

Transit Pass 2010-Jan

Transit Pass 2010-Jan

Note the “Going Green” theme… on a pass that you need to get a paper receipt when you buy it!

Note also, the “Ride Your Bike” image.  OK, so it was a 6th-Grader drawing this – but it’s JANUARY IN CALGARY!!!!

Where are the bike riders now?!?

Bike Blizzard

Bike Blizzard


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