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The flood of… 2015?

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Five minutes…
That’s how much it rained, downtown today around 4:15pm.
Just five minutes.
Granted, some of the drops were the size of grapes, but it was just FIVE MINUTES…

Jumping on the C-Train southbound, we stopped at 39th Ave station, only to have the announcement that “due to flooding, we will be turning the train back; shuttle buses to Heritage Station will be running shortly.”

Really, Calgary Transit?
You can’t even handle FIVE MINUTES of heavy rain?
Are there no backup plans for tunnel floods?
No special drainage pumps – either into the sewer, or up onto the surrounding streets?

Does the idea of wasting (God only knows how much!) your citizens’ time, energy & the City’s economic well-being for an hour or two of rush-hour disruption (immediately preceding a Holiday, no less!), not make you think that a dozen or so industrial pumps, set up for just such an occasion, would be a better tactic?

It’s been a year since my last post here; I’ve been trying to stay positive about the system… but the system sucks, and nobody is getting that into their heads.

Do you have to have blinders on to rise to the executive floor of the CT Head Office?

…oh, and about those ‘shuttle buses’… I walked from 39th to Heritage, and not a single bus passed me (on Macleod, at least… I concede they may have taken Barlow Trail – but that would mean CT was thinking of their customers’ convenience, which of course, could never happen…)

… CT Sucks…


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Middle of June? Time to turn on the baseboard C-Train heaters!

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This morning’s ride in was a sweatbox, thanks to the damp in the air, and the full heat of the train’s heaters.
We had to open windows because it was too uncomfortable in the car.
When will Transit learn that winter=heat-on, and summer=heat-off? Why do they still have this backwards?

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2-for-1 special on CT glitches today!

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First: a switch problem to the NE strands a Saddletowne train downtown, backing up a dozen trains behind it – and like always, the ‘delay’ announcement comes only once the fix is in & the trains move again…

Then: a train breaks down at Fish Creek, slowing everything to a crawl…
I’m almost there, after 75 minutes… for the 25-minute leg… and NOW starting to move again…

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A breath of fresh air…

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Oddly, moments after my last post was drafted, I saw a glimpse of humanity in CT!

Leaving 39th Ave southbound, the driver announced the wheelchair ramp restrictions at Heritage, and the bus alternative at Chinook.
What’s so odd about this simple task?

1) The intercom could be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD
2) The information was succinct and clearly stated
3) …and here’s the kicker…
He gave this info BEFORE we left Chinook – even before we ARRIVED at Chinook… so those who needed to change to the bus… COULD!!!

All of these have been lacking on just about every trip I’ve made this summer.

Hallelujah – there is at least ONE working brain at the controls of these 42-tonne monsters…

CT does NOT suck so much…

For reference, one end car was #2255.
I can send Transit an email to thank him, they can find who had the car this afternoon

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Saddletowne and more…

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So the NE line was recently extended.

When will they have new maps on all trains?
I’m hoping for Christmas.

CT Sucks…

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Calgary Transit Beta Trip Planner

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Calgary Transit Beta Trip Planner

So to go from City Hall Station, 4 blocks to my office, I should GO TO THE AIRPORT AND BACK!?!?

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My comment on this City blog is sufficient…

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Where U Headed?

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It’s bugged me since they started it – announcements of the approaching train’s destination.

After (6 months+?) they still haven’t figured it out – most stations have a 1-way route and don’t need the announcement, and dual-stations are getting both directions of train, announced on both sides, causing confusion when trains are arriving simultaneously!

This is Stampede Week, and the city is full of tourists who don’t really know which direction they need to go…

Was this forced confusion part of CT’s plan?
Likely so, as they’ve never done anything sensible…
The ONLY place we could use these announcements, is in the 7th Ave zone, to distinguish northbound trains from southbound ones – that’s it!!! Nowhere else!!!!!

But even that wouldn’t help those who come onto the platform from a downtown shop and can’t see the train’s destination board… the fancy signs don’t tell us where THIS train is going – only where the NEXT one will be headed!

This is one of the ONLY things we needed when they installed the fancy digital signboards – but they still haven’t figured that our, 2 years later!

God almighty, does Calgary Transit EVER suck!!!!

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It’s hot, so let’s turn up the heat!

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It’s 16 Celsius this morning – to go to 30 this afternoon.
So why does Calgary Transit choose these hot days to turn on the base heaters in the old C-Trains?

It always happens – someone’s wearing shorts and realises, often too late, that it’s not just warm metal from the sun, but they’re actually ON – and they almost burn their leg.

What is it about these trains that makes the heating necessary when it’s least needed?

CT Sucks!

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A New National Holiday?

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Heard over the speakers on the platform just now: “Canada Day is Monday, July 2…”

Since when does Calgary Transit have the power to change National Holidays???

No, it did not say “Canada Day is a Sunday, so we will be offering Holiday service on Monday, July 2” – it said exactly what I quoted!


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